Whereabouts are unknown, so are the charges: REP activist detained in Mogilev (updated)

by ganna
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Mogilev REP activists are trying to establish the whereabouts and specific charges against Alexander Khamratov.

“Yesterday, Alexander’s home was searched; they turned everything over. It was done either as part of an administrative or criminal case initiated against him. His mother is 90 years old; she really cannot explain why the search was carried out; allegedly, because he had insulted some militiaman. Alexander was detained and placed into the Mogilev IVS (temporary detention facility),” Alexei Evgenov, the REP’s legal inspector and representative for the Mogilev Region, told the praca-by.info.

The whereabouts of the detainee are not known: Khamratov could have been transported from the IVS in Mogilev, as is the practice recently. In addition, the essence of the accusation against the activist is still not known.

According to the latest information, Alexander Khamratov is accused of violating Article 369 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus.

Article 369 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus: Public insult to a state official at the latter's performance of official duties shall be punished with community service, or a fine, or correctional labour for up to two years, or arrest, or restraint of liberty for up to three years.