Victory: REP helps video operator to get his duly earned salary

by ganna
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On January 10, the Tsentralny District Court of Minsk fully satisfied the claim lodged by Denis Borsch, a video operator and a member of the REP Trade Union, against the “Freespace” Additional Liability Company (ALC). The court ruled to collect BYN 613 and a penalty of BYN 79.07 from the respondent in favour of the claimant.

Denis worked under a one-time job contract with the “Freespace”; he made filming and editing of two episodes of the “ProBusinessOnline” Project. The cost of the works performed was agreed by both parties as BYN 613 (about 250 euros). The customer had no claims to the performer concerning the scope and quality, but “forgot” to pay…

Denis Borsch turned for help to the REP Trade Union; Yuri Belyakov, the union lawyer, helped to formulate the lawsuit and represented his client’s interests at the trial.

Judge Alexander Dluzhnevskiy passed his judgement in absentia to fully satisfy the claim. It will come into force within 25 days.

The Judge made an objective ruling in full compliance with both Belarusian and international legislation. The fact is indicative that problems arose when my client worked under this type of labour contract. Such one-time contracts are the most vulnerable part of the Belarusian legislation, although back in 2005, President Lukashenko issued his Decree No. 314 on measures to protect workers under one-time job contracts. According to the decree, a job contract must indicate the cost of the work; and all such workers are subject to social insurance: sick leaves should be paid, and accidents at work should be documented as industrial traumas. Besides, the work should be included into the work record. However, these norms are violated all the time; and those working under such contracts are the most socially vulnerable group. The situation must be corrected,” the lawyer Belyakov has concluded.