Svetlogorsk: REP Trade Union defends engineer dismissed for protests

by ganna
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The Svetlogorsk District Court continues considering the case of Alexei Grishko, an engineer of the OJSC “Svetlogorsk Pulp and Paper Combine”, who was fired for taking part in protests.

At the December 3 court session, chaired by Judge Lyudmila Saponenko, witnesses were heard, namely, Anatoly Matveev, the Alexei’s direct boss, and Valentin Rudobelets, the chairman of the pro-governmental factory trade union committee, the website of the Gomelskaya Viasna (Gomel Spring) reports.

At the litigation, the interests of the employee in the trial were represented by Leonid Sudalenko, legal labour inspector of the REP Trade Union in the Gomel region. The independent trade union believes that the leading engineer of the factory was fired illegally.

The head of the Alexei’s instrumentation and automation shop of the factory noted that for nine years of the work at the factory, his subordinate had no penalties or reprimands, he was a conscientious worker.

“On the day when engineer Grishko was absent from work, there was no emergency, and his absence did not affect the stable operation of the factory,” the head of the shop told the court.

The prosecutor involved in the case began questioning the leader of the official trade union. She wondered why, upon dismissal for absenteeism of a union member, the primary organization failed to fulfil the requirements of the current Tariff Agreement, which obliges the employer to obtain organization’s consent to the dismissal of a union member.

“If you read the Tariff Agreement, then we are obliged to fulfil it,” the trade union representative noted dryly.

The REP’s lawyer has noted the strange attitude of factory workers to the local acts in force at the enterprise:

“On Sunday, October 18, Alexei Grishko was detained by the police in a city street and accused for holding an unsanctioned mass event. Before his trial on Monday, he was kept at the temporary detention facility (known as IVS); as a result, on October 19, he was unable to show up at work, as he was forced to obey the police’s demands. He had a valid reason; and one can be fired for absenteeism only if such a reason is absent,” Leonid Sudalenko has stated.

On October 26, Alexei Grishko, an automation engineer of continuous processes, instrumentation and automation of the pulp and cardboard factory, was fired for absenteeism. On that day, he was kept in the status of a detainee at the IVS. The court had fined him, but Yuri Kruk, Director General of the OJSC, did not wait for the judgement to come into legal force. He refused to treat the detention of his engineer during the working day as a valid reason.

The judge announced a break in the trial until December 10. On this day, the debate of the parties should have taken place; the court will read out the materials of the case, hear the opinion of the prosecutor and announce its decision.