Sudalenko: it’s almost impossible to hold a strike legally

by ganna
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The legal inspector of the REP Trade Union Leonid Sudalenko (LS) told the Radio Ratsiya (RR) about how some workers began to be pressured for an active civil position.

LS: At Gomselmash, people were fired for participating in a strike, and I represented their interests in court. And I must say that some were reinstated at work and paid the required amount of compensation for their forced absenteeism. In general, according to the Belarusian legislation, it is practically impossible to hold an official strike.

RR: Is it a very complicated procedure?

LS: Yes, because you need to vote first, get the consent of more than half of the labour collective, and negotiate with the employer. Imagine this situation – workers of Lufthansa airline are on strike, demanding higher wages from the employer. And this is allowed. And in Belarus, political strikes will be illegal in any case. It is practically impossible to carry out such a strike at the enterprise, since the Labour Code (LC) calls the strike a dispute between the employer and the workers. But the latter, as we see, also do not stay away from the events taking place in the country.