We are together with our Darya Polyakova! Statement of the board of the REP Trade Union

by praca
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In the city of Brest, law enforcement and judicial bodies are trying to convict Darya Polyakova, an activist of the Belarusian REP Trade Union and the coordinator of the union’s youth network in the Brest Region.

They try to accuse Darya for allegedly “inflicting physical pain and beatings,” while defending Alexander Sakharuk, her union comrade, and tore the policeman’s uniform jacket.

There are no sufficient proofs of Darya’s guilt. The policeman himself has stated that he has no claims to Darya Polyakova. Nevertheless, the prosecutor has supported the charge – Darya, a young woman, mother of two children and a widow – is being tried for committing a criminal offense, which provides for very serious sanctions:

Article 364 of the Criminal Code of Belarus: Violence or threat of violence against an employee of the internal affairs bodies: violence or threat of using violence against an employee of the internal affairs bodies or his/her relatives in order to obstruct his/her legal actions or to force him/her to change the nature of these actions or out of revenge for the performance of his/her official actions – shall be punished by arrest, or restraint of liberty for the term up to five years, or deprivation of liberty for the term up to six years.

The Belarusian REP Trade Union treats Darya Polyakova’s case as entirely fabricated. We are confident that this incident is another one in a series of attempts to intimidate active and non-indifferent citizens of our country and members of our independent trade union, who are peacefully expressing their disagreement with the lawlessness that happens in our country.

We are hereby warning Belarusian judicial and other bodies that all the information on Darya Polyakova’s case, as well as on all similar cases, will be saved and transferred to the relevant international structures. In the near future, all such information will be used to bring to justice those officials who are today ignoring their law enforcement duties and are repressing peaceful citizens of our country.

The REP is in solidarity with the trade union activists in the regions of Belarus and is determined to protect them from lawlessness.

We are together with our Darya Polyakova!