Statement of the Board of the Belarusian Trade Union of Radio-Electronic Industry Workers (REP Trade Union)

by ganna
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The major trade unions’ mission is to defend the rights and interests of their members.

Earlier, violations workers’ labour and socioeconomic rights were a frequent phenomenon in Belarus, but the 2020 political and economic crisis has sharply exacerbated the situation in the country.

The state has clearly taken the path of confrontation with the people.

The pro-governmental so-called “official” trade unions have discredited themselves, by in fact supporting authorities’ repressions against workers.

Persecutions of workers for quitting these “trade unions”, forcing people to join them are exposing the anti-popular character of them.

Only an independent trade union created by the workers themselves on the voluntary basis can be a true defender of workers’ labour and human rights.

By uniting into independent trade unions, citizens of Belarus are not only defending themselves, but bring the victory of the rule of law, justice and democracy still closer.

The independent Belarusian trade union of radio-electronic industry workers (REP Trade Union) continues uniting the efforts of all non-indifferent people who are ready to defend their rights and fight for the revival of the free and democratic Belarus.

Brothers and sisters!

Let us unite, organize ourselves and win together!

Solidarity is our strength!