State servants’ average salaries go down for the third month in a row. How many vacancies are there for doctors and teachers now?

by ganna
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For the third month in a row, state servants are experiencing salary drop. In September the fall was less significant than in August and July – by BYN 2.3 (down to BYN 985.4 (~EUR 323.7) before paying taxes; 1 EUR = 3.044 BYN), as follows from the data of the Belstat (Belarusian Statistics Committee). Over the previous two months, this figure dropped by BYN 83.2, the TUT. BY writes.

To clarify, the data on the average salary is published by the Belstat before the withdrawal of the income tax (13%) and mandatory insurance payments to the Social Security Fund (1% of employees’ salaries). In September, the average salary in the state-run sector, after deducting the above taxes, made about BYN 847.

In September, in the public health care, the average monthly salary was BYN 1104.5 (~EUR 363) (BYN 11.2 less than in August); and in education – BYN 851.5 (~EUR 280) (BYN 14.1 more than a month earlier).

And what salaries are now offered to doctors and teachers?

The nationwide bank of vacancies has now 4164 vacancies for medics, of which 2985 ones are with salaries below BYN 800 (~EUR 263); in 706 vacancies, they promised over BYN 1000 (~EUR 328.5) per month prior to extraction of taxes.

There are 202 vacancies for teachers, of which 166 are with salaries below BYN 700 (~EUR 230).

And this is in Belarus – the country that could have been one of the richest in Europe! See for yourself, please: by the population density – 46 citizens per square kilometre – Belarus is the 31st in Europe, ahead of just Scandinavia and the Baltic states. The country has tremendous water and forest resources; conditions for agriculture are similar to those in Poland and Denmark (according to our latest estimates, the living conditions in Belarus are at least 10 times worse than in Denmark). There are no floods, eruptions, earthquakes and hurricanes in Belarus – but still it is among the poorest European countries, leading just in COVID-19 cases, death rate and the number of forced migrants.

Do you need any more proofs of the absolute incapability of Lukashenko’s regime, which has now turned into the genocide against own people?