“Sow the wind and reap the storm”: REP Trade Union demands to stop repressions

by praca
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The Presidium of the Belarusian REP Trade Union considers it illegal to prosecute participants of peaceful protests, which creates “a dangerous situation of political crisis and civil conflict.”

The REP leadership has expressed its concern “about the growing authorities’ pressure on labour collectives; persecution of labour movement activists; and the arrests of leaders of strike committees and civil activists.” These authorities’ actions are “absolutely illegal,” the REP’s Presidium has stated.

“By their actions, those who have today usurped power in our country, not only violate the fundamental people’s rights and the current laws of Belarus, but create a dangerous situation of political crisis and civil conflict,” the statement says. “We call on the authorities and their power bodies to stop the war with their own people, to release all the detainees and political prisoners, to initiate an investigation into the facts of criminal violence committed by law enforcers against civilians in Belarus, and to stop detentions and prosecutions of leaders of strike committees and activists.”

The REP Trade Union reminds that “people of labour, workers and employees have every right to refuse their membership in the discredited official trade unions, join the independent democratic trade union movement and participate in actions to protect their legal rights and interests”.

“The responsibility for the destabilization of the situation in labour collectives and throughout the country rests entirely with the current authorities,” the REP Trade Union has stated.

“The current situation indicates the authorities’ unwillingness to listen to their people. Sowing the wind, you reap the storm,” said Gennady Fedynich, the leader of the REP Trade Union.