“It is necessary to create strike committees.” REP Trade Union appealed to workers and employees

by praca
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On August 16, members of the Presidium of the Belarusian Independent REP Trade Union made an appeal to the citizens of Belarus, workers and employees.

Here is the text of the appeal:


Of members of the Presidium of the Belarusian Independent REP Trade Union

August 16, 2020

Highly esteemed citizens, workers and employees of Belarus,

Lawlessness reigns in the country, and the rights of citizens are grossly and cynically violated. Workers must be concerned about the observance of their rights and seek the restoration of law and order. On August 16, at a pro-governmental rally, Lukashenko stated that he would not give up Belarus. But one can’t give up what he doesn’t own. Power in Belarus should and will belong to the people.

To protect the legitimate interests of the working people, we propose to set up strike committees at enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership. These committees must, on behalf of the workers, put forward reasonable and fair demands to the authorities, and if they are ignored, democratically decide on further action, including a nationwide strike.

The main demands of Belarusian citizens are known, and we support them:

  • All the detained protesters and all the political prisoners must be immediately and unconditionally released;
  • The recent presidential election marked by widespread fraud and other violations of the law must be invalidated;
  • Citizen A. Lukashenko should be removed from the post of President of the Republic of Belarus that he illegally occupies;
  • In accordance with the Constitution of Belarus, the functions of the supreme executive power should be temporarily transferred to the Government. Given the current situation, a Coalition Government of People’s Accord should be formed. It should promptly set the dates for new presidential election and early elections of the House of Representatives. The elections should be held by a new composition of all the election commissions, full compliance with the rule of law and under the control of the public and foreign observers;
  • The Coalition Government of People’s Accord should immediately begin with representatives of the Belarusian public – labour collectives, independent trade unions, political parties and public organizations – authorized and open negotiations on the further functioning of the legitimate authorities in Belarus with the mandatory participation of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. We must not allow any lawlessness and destabilization in the country.

People of labour, seek help and advice from independent trade unions, quit the pro-governmental trade unions and create your own trade union organizations!

We will save the country for ourselves and our children only by acting in solidarity!