Kidnappings and detentions: strike committee of “Belaruskali” suffers new losses

by praca
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Dmitry Kudelevich, kidnapped some days before, is in Ukraine. But another member of the strike committee, Pavel Sechko, has disappeared.

Dmitry Kudelevich said that on August 20 he was detained by KGB (Committee for State Security) officers and taken to the KGB office. There he asked to go to the restroom and fled through the open window. During the detention, he managed to throw the keys to the car into the salon, and in his pocket there was a set of keys from his wife’s car, which were taken away by the KGB agents, the “Belaruskaya Prauda” reports.

On August 21, the strike committee suffered new losses.

Alesya Loginova and Vladimir Loginov, members of the Strike Committee of the OJSC “Belaruskali”, failed to contact their comrades for a long time; later it became known that both were on the lists of detainees by the Soligorsk ROVD (District Interior Division).

Then, Pavel Sechko, another member of the strike committee, disappeared. First, in a telephone conversation, he said that they were talking to him. When asked if they were law enforcement officers, he answered: “Not really. I’ll call you back later.” Now his phone is not available.

On August 21, the car of Anatoly Bokun, a co-chairman of the “Belaruskali” Strike Committee, was blocked by militiamen, and they tried to serve him a summons.

“This is not a summons, as it does not indicate in what capacity you are being called in (and this is a general requirement of the respective legislation). Tomorrow we’ll draw up an application and submit it to the City Prosecutor’s Office and the ROVD by registered letters,” human rights defenders have advised Anatoly Bokun.