Independent Belarusian trade unions awarded Norwegian prize, equal to Nobel one

by yuras
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The award of the Norwegian Federation of Trade Unions in honour of one of the most famous figures of this country in the field of protection of workers’ rights was awarded this year to the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions (BKDP).

The prize is often referred to as the “trade union Nobel Prize”.

As reported in the website of the Norwegian organization, the credit was granted to “the fearless struggle for democracy and trade union rights during the last European dictatorship.”

“Against the background of the presidential elections in 2020, the situation in the country has worsened. All forms of opposition are subject to police violence, imprisonment and harassment. The independent trade union movement has taken center stage in the struggle for democracy. A wave of strikes, rallies and demonstrations swept across the country demanding the cancellation of the election results and the release of political prisoners. The authorities greeted these demonstrations with terror, mass arrests and torture. Trade union activists were fired, thrown into jail, and some were forced to flee the country,” reads the explanation for the award.

Although union offices were ransacked and closed, the BKDP unions recruited new members, formed new local communities and continued to fight. And this will be decisive for the final fall of the Lukashenka regime, the annotation of the award emphasizes.

Independent trade unions: More than 100 workers in large factories have been fired since the strikes began.

In awarding the prize, the committee believes that an active trade union movement, independent of the political authorities, will play a special role in the formation of a new political and economic regime after the defeat of the dictatorship.

The report says that Belarus is one of the countries in the world where workers’ rights are violated the most.