Global support of democratic Belarus continues

by ganna
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Vladimir Matskevich, a political analyst, whom we cited in our pervious issue, has received the following letter of support from one of his US colleagues:

The Declaration Against Political Violence in Belarus

We, the Association of the Russian-Speaking Mental Health Professionals of Massachusetts, the United States of America, condemn the campaign of political oppression, police brutality and torture unleashed against peaceful protesters in Belarus. Ever since the elections of August 9, 2020, the pro-government forces have engaged in the systematic abuse of power and the blatant violation of basic human rights.

We express our concern about the long-term psychological impact of political violence on the mental health of the people of Belarus. We support our colleagues, the mental health professionals of Belarus, in their appeal to the government for an immediate end to all forms of violence against civilians and to abide by the constitutional and other legal protections afforded to all Belarusian citizens.

We encourage the international professional community to join us in taking an active stance against political violence in Belarus.