Belarusian workers create a movement and platform on the Internet

by yuras
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Activists of Belarusian enterprises, independent trade unions and Diasporas are launching their own movement and the platform entitled “Labour Movement”. The goal is to prepare a nationwide strike. According to workers, this is the most efficient and safest mechanism to protest and put pressure on the regime.

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya announced the creation of a new movement, Radio Liberty informs.

“I’ve always said that workers’ protest is incredibly important to our journey. And today I am glad to support them in a new stage of the struggle,” she wrote.

The “Labour Movement” is a movement of workers that has its own platform for coordinating actions, a website, social networks and a chat bot in the @stachkom_bot Telegram, to which information useful for the workers’ asset can be sent. Now access for activists is by password. On Thursday (April 15), everyone will be able to access it.

Registration on the platform does not require personal data. With the help of a secure and encrypted system, everyone who registered on it will be able to receive information and participate in the labour movement at their enterprise and in the country as a whole. The platform is already in test mode and will be ready for public launch in the near future, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya reports and encourages workers to join the movement, and everyone else to support their activities.

As Tikhanovskaya notes, in August and October, when the first strikes took place, workers did not yet have experience and strong ties between enterprises, and the strikers were subjected to unprecedented repression. But now “there is experience of a strike, connections between key enterprises, a clear plan and support from Diasporas around the world – precisely in order to prepare for a nationwide strike.”