At Gomel Chemical Factory (GChF), they look for strike-breakers to work at Grodno Azot

by ganna
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GChF workers are offered to go to Grodno to work at the OJSC “Grodno Azot”. As it became known to “Nasha Niva”, they are promised housing and employment there for six months and more.

Workers understand the proposal in such a way that they want to replace by them the striking or dismissed workers of Grodno Azot.

The “Belneftekhim” Concern (the owner of both enterprises) denies the strike at Grodno Azot. The workers there assert, however, that more than 100 key employees are on strike, including machinery operators who have no one to replace.

The strike began at the call of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. There are three demands: resignation of Alexander Lukashenko, release of political prisoners, and new free presidential election.

The strike was supported by hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly in the IT and services sectors, students of a number of universities, as well as individual employees of some state-owned factories, including the Kozlov Minsk Electro-Technical Plant (METZ) and Grodno Azot.

They believe that in the fate of Belarus, Grodno Azot, a town-forming enterprise, can play the same role as the Gdansk Shipyard played in the fate of Eastern Europe in the 1980s.