REP has helped an "Evroopt" employee to quit

by praca
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The administration of the “Evroopt” retail network has agreed with the REP Trade Union and promptly dismissed Irina Potapyonok, a REP member.

Irina Potapyonok, the deputy production manager at the “Evroopt” in Zhodino, had filed a resignation application; and her bosses promised to dismiss her on December 27, 2018; but suddenly it turned out that her application “was lost.” Then, Irina turned to the REP with a well-known request: to help her to quit the job. The reason was quite clear; she found a better job in Moscow, but the offer had a deadline. The woman turned for help to the Minsk office of the REP Trade Union.

Yuri Belyakov, a legal inspector, contacted the managers of the “Evroopt” network, who make advances and set the dismissal date – January 21, 2019.

“The ‘Evroopt’ bosses have positively reacted to specific circumstances. We hope the network administration will continue acting in accordance with the law and certainly will not ‘lose’ employees’ applications. Irina Potapyonok was very surprised by the promptness of the reaction. This is another confirmation of our motto: REP means Real Efficient helP,” Yuri Belyakov has concluded.