After publication in REP website, employer cancels "dismissal fine"

by praca
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Mr Strelchik, Director of the “Laguna” Trading House in Baranovichi, has cancelled his ban on dismissals, when, after the publication on the website of the REP Trade Union, the state labour inspectorate became interested in his “initiative”.

Those who dared to leave were threatened with liability in the amount of from BYN 50-100. A copy of this Mr Strelchik’s order was posted by the REP Trade Union. Then, journalists of the TUT.BY portal asked for comments from the Baranovichi Inter-District State Labour Inspectorate. The “Laguna” boss himself refused to give any comments.

The Inspectorate said that the order was illegal.

On the same day, according to the TUT.BY, Mr Strelchik cancelled his order.

Andrei Strizhak, a member of the REP’s Council, has commented on the situation:

The absurd and illegal order has been cancelled. We are happy with the prompt Inspectorate reaction, despite the fact that the worker, who has sent a copy of the order, wished to remain anonymous. I would like to especially emphasize that if the worker had not contacted the REP Trade Union and had not given his consent to the publication of the order, it would have been still in force. Publicity of employers’ violations is one of the most powerful tools in defending workers’ rights. Your rights are violated? – Contact the REP Trade Union!