Gomel Distillery case: REP Trade Union proves its members’ innocence

by praca
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On January 4, Andrei Tselujko, Judge of the Tsentralny District Court of Gomel, dismissed the claim of “Radamir” Gomel Distillery to collect over BYN 96,000 of shortage from the former storekeepers, Valentina Naidyonova and Natalia Melnikova. Their interests at the trial were represented by Leonid Sudalenko, the legal inspector of the REP Trade Union for the Gomel Region.

On November 21, 2018, Leonid Sudalenko wrote in his Facebook page:The women have joined the REP Trade Union, which means they are under our protection; and we’ll do everything to prove their innocence in court.

The union lawyer was right: the court found that the claimant, the Distillery, failed to prove the storekeepers’ guilt of the shortage: “The claim of the ‘Radamir’ Gomel Distillery against Valentina Naidyonova and Natalia Melnikova for the damages caused by them in the performance of their duties shall be dismissed,” this is the verdict of the first-instance court on the resonant case that has not yet entered into legal force.

It is known that the factory has turned to the republic’s Investigating Committee (IC) on fact of a major shortage at the storehouse.

Gomel Distillery lost finished goods worth BYN 265,000: a new shortage case

Following the verdict of the Sovietsky District Court of Gomel of September 13, 2018, one of the storekeepers had partially reimbursed BYN 1860. Then, the criminal case was suspended due to the failure to identify the persons to be charged as defendants.

“This some unclear organization has nothing to do with it. Who would ever listen to it?

Let us remind you that the “Radamir” Gomel Distillery filed a lawsuit with the Tsentralny District Court of Gomel claiming recovery from three women-storekeepers of vodka shortage at the warehouse in the amount of BYN 265,000 (over USD 130,000). And although the court made the entire team of seven persons to be the defendants in the case, nevertheless, it had placed all the responsibility on one woman, accusing her of a large-scale abuse of her service duties.