In Bragin, "parasite" demands to check constitutionality of "parasite" ordinance

by praca
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In the district centre, the city of Bragin, the permanent “parasites’ commission” has summoned Vladimir Teremetsky, a 52-year-old local resident and asked him to confirm his “employment in the national economy”. The man decided did not to wait the receipt of utility bills, which are five times higher than the usual ones. He demanded not only to exclude his data from the “parasite” database, but also to check the constitutionality of the presidential “parasite” ordinance.

Apart from issues of the freedom of choice of occupation, forced labour and discrimination, Vladimir is seriously worried about the inclusion of his personal data in the above database, which is at the disposal of numerous governmental officials, which, in his opinion, may entail interference with his privacy and personal life.

In his complaint addressed to the local district executive committee, Vladimir Teremetsky raised a number of questions:

“Regardless of employment, when buying goods and services, all citizens pay indirect taxes such as excises and VAT. I own a car, I buy gasoline, and I pay for mobile communication. I don’t understand, why an individual craftsman, say, having paid one basic unit (BYN 24.5) per year, is treated as duly employed in the national economy, while paying the annual road tax of eight basic units, don’t fall into this category. Where’s common sense here?” the man wonders.

Vladimir believes that the Belarusian Constitutional Court should announce Ordinance No. 3 unconstitutional. He is a member of the REP Trade Union and intends to continue his struggle at various courts with the help of Leonid Sudalenko, the REP’s lawyer, who became famous this year as “parasites’ advocate”.