"Earlier, individual workers came to join REP; this year, they do it in whole teams"

by praca
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Leonid Sudalenko, the legal inspector of the REP Trade Union for the Gomel region, told about his achievements in the year 2018:

“When speaking about the defence of human rights, we should also imply the defence of socio-economic rights of Belarus’ citizens. In the town of Rechitsa, we managed to defend an orphan, from whom the state claimed a large amount for education.”

Victory! REP frees orphan from paying over USD 2000 for non-appearance at appointed workplace

A bit later, Leonid helped a sawmill worker to prove that he had injured his hand at work, and to collect a large sum of money from the employer as compensation of moral harm.

Not a stranger: court supports worker, who crippled his arm at sawmill

Later, the lawyer helped a worker to receive the pension that had been illegally unpaid for more than five years. In Kalinkovichi, he helped a foundry worker to enforce his right to early retirement.

Foundryman: I earned my pension in the hot shop

During the year, Sudalenko defended in the courts the rights of workers of the fat-making factory and the dairy, and even of a distillery in Gomel. In Rechitsa, he defended a group of workers of the “Belarusneft” Company, accused for the shortage of pipes worth 25,000 US dollars at the warehouse. He also helped the staff of the Gomel casino named “At Admiral” to collect their final salaries at dismissal. This case was typical for 2018: whole teams are ready to join the REP Trade Union in order to receive judicial support.

REP Trade Union exempts 9 workers from claim for USD 23,000

Last day of “At Admiral” casino

“They found a pipe for Chernobyl well. It lay buried there for 32 years!”

Also, during 2018, Sudalenko defended the rights of the families, which were classified by the authorities as “socially dangerous”. In the town of Loev, for example, we achieved to return a three-month-old baby back to the family. In Gomel, bureaucrats stopped persecuting a lonely young woman, whom they wanted to put on the list of families in socially dangerous situation only because the mother lost her job.