"Flying Bench" operator adjudges BYN 20,000 for spinal fracture he received at work

by praca
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Sergey Nikitenko, a member of the REP Trade Union, will receive 20,000 roubles as compensation for the moral damage, he suffered at work; the court has ruled to collect the money from the Unitary Enterprise (UE) “Minskzelenstroy”, the owner of amusement facilities deployed in the Minsk Chelyuskintsy Park.

Sergey Nikitenko received his trauma on May 2, 2016, and then, for two years, took part in various litigations. His interests were defended by the independent REP Trade Union, where the victim is a member.

Two months in coma, Category I disability: court finally treats “Flying Bench” operator’s trauma as industrial injury

It took two years of endless litigations to prove that the trauma was not domestic, but industrial, and that Sergey Nikitenko was not guilty thereof.

How it’s possible to almost die at work and prove in court the employer’s guilt for 5 months

After the trauma was recognized to be an industrial one, the REP’s legal service drew up and lodged a lawsuit for compensation for moral harm on behalf of Sergey. His interests in court were represented by Yury Belyakov, a REP’s lawyer. The lawsuit was a success: the court ruled that the employer should pay BYN 20,000 to Sergey as compensation for his spinal cord fracture and subsequent disability. The ruling has not yet entered into force.

The practice of the REP Trade Union shows achieving compensation for moral harm suffered from industrial injuries is a realistic chance; thus, less than a month ago, in Rechitsa, the REP’s legal service won a payment of BYN 8000 to Gennady Litvinov for a hand maimed at a sawmill. Leonid Sudalenko, the REP’s lawyer, represented the worker’s interests at the trial:

“It’s time to get used to the fact that industrial injury should also entail compensation for moral harm”