Team of builders sues "StilStandartStroy" LLC

by praca
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On November 13, the Pervomaisky District Court of Minsk, chaired by Evgeny Navrotsky, began considering the lawsuit lodged by a team of builders (16 people) from Slonim against the “StilStandartStroy” Limited Liability Company (LLC).

At the trial, the builders’ interests are represented by Yuri Belyakov, a legal inspector of the REP Trade Union.

The LLC failed to pay the builders for July and a part for August this year. Besides, the company failed to conclude labour contacts with four builders, although transferred money to their bank cards.

In early October, the builders turned for legal assistance to the REP Trade Union.

Each claimant demands to collect about 4000 roubles from the “StilStandartStroy” LLC. The position of the respondent, voiced out by the LLC’s lawyer, is as follows: to all the workers who have their labour contracts, the company owes a little money for August; as to the remaining four builders, who worked under the “honest word”, the company owes nothing to them at all.

At the trial, the claimants explained that since March 2018, they worked in the Osipovichi District, at the facility of the Open Joint-Stock Company (OJSC) “Gazprom Transgaz Belarus”; this subsidiary of the “Gazprom” has paid the due money to the “StilStandartStroy” LLC; however, the director of the latter has refused to pay the workers.

The builders worked for 9-11 hours a day, because until the end of the work, the company paid well for their labour well: 11.7 roubles per hour.

At the trial, it turned out that the facility, where they worked, was enclosed with a fence of 3 meters high; and security guards let the builders in – no stranger could get into the facility. The work was supervised by two foremen, who kept track of the work-time on their laptops; however, by June, their computers suddenly “died”. But the builders managed to photograph the timesheet from laptop to their mobile phones.

The court has requested a number of documents: contracts or subcontracts, which the “StilStandartStroy” LLC concluded with the OJSC “Gazprom Transgaz Belarus”, documents on the basis of which the money was transferred to the workers, with whom no contracts were concluded. The judge asked the claimants to print out the photos taken by the builders from the foremen’s laptops. He asked the mobile operators to provide the printouts of the location of builders’ mobile phones in June-August 2018.

“We are sure that the builders will be the final winners,” Yuri Belyakov has concluded.