Fine of 15 base units for solidarity picket with REP

by praca
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On December 12, the Tsentralny District Court of Minsk fined Sergey Podzolko by 15 base units, or by BYN 367.5 (roubles). Prior to this, on December 10, on the 70th anniversary of the adoption by the UN General Assembly of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Mr Podzolko, a resident of Borisov, who is also a member of the Social-Democratic Party, came the Palace of the Republic with a poster reading “Non-observance of human rights leads to slavery. Freedom to media! Freedom to journalists!” Apart from him, Alexander Abramovich took part in the picket, who was holding a poster in support of the leaders of the independent REP Trade Union: “We demand to repeal the illegal sentence to Komlik and Fedynich!”

By their action, they wanted to draw attention to human rights violations in Belarus; however, as soon as they unfolded their posters, a minibus drove up to them; three OMON (riot police) fighters jumped out of the van and detained the activists. Together with them, Natalia Goryachko, who did not take part in the picket, but filmed it with the camera of her mobile phone, was also detained. The OMON fighters brought Alexander Abramovich, Sergey Podzolko and Natalia Goryachko to the Tsentralny ROVD (District Interior Division). Three hours later, Alexander was the first to be released after drawing up a protocol against on him under Article 23.34 of Part 3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Belarus, and after taking a written undertaking from him to appear in court on the first demand.

Natalia Goryachko, who stayed at the police station, had her blood tension raised; and an ambulance was called in to her. She was taken to one of Minsk hospitals, from where she was released on December 11. Sergey Podzolko also felt bad, but he was not allowed to go home. He was transported to the Detention Centre in Okrestin Street, where he was kept for two days. And just before the closure of the court, on December 12, he was convoyed there from the Centre and fined.