"Belcard" worker: "It's high time to go on strike"

by praca
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Anatoly Myshkevich, an activist of the REP Trade Union, had complained about an artificial wage overstatement at Grodno’s OJSC “Belcard”, where he works. Anatoly, who is also the head of the “Garodnya” civil initiative, saw that bosses of his company forced workers to write applications asking to have an additional day-off on Friday but still had to go to their workplaces on all the weekdays. This trick was invented by the company administration in order to show a fictitious growth of wages and salaries in their reports.

Se our earlier publication:

“They increase salary on paper, but in reality reduce workers’ length of service”

Anatoly wrote letters about this violation to the President’s Administration and the Grodno City Executive Committee and received an answer from the latter’s Labour Department, which is a typical run-around, but it still states, with reference to Article 191 of the Belarus’ Labour Code, that the employer can provide additional unpaid leaves to his workers only on their written consent.

Anatoly Myshkevich is at a loss what to do now: “It’s very difficult to achieve changes alone. People support me in words, but I’m not sure they are ready to act: everyone is afraid of losing even these miserable wages. If at least 10-20 workers support me and present their pay slips as proofs that we are right, then, we can achieve justice and ‘smoke out’ our bosses, who neglect their subordinates, and the bureaucrats from the Labour Department who had in fact ignored my complaint.”

“In general, it’s high time to go on strike,” the union activist from “Belcard” has concluded.