REP Trade Union comes to May 1 rally in Minsk (photos)

by praca
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The tense socio-economic situation in the country was also stressed by Sergey Kalyakin, the leader of the “Fair World” Belarusian Leftish Party:

“Authorities keep speaking about stability and calmness. Stability of what? In Quarter 1 of this year, Belarus produced less than in 2015, every fifth enterprise is a looser; citizens’ incomes are less than in 2015. The situation needs changes.”

Also, Sergey Kalyakin touched on an extremely painful topic – the unemployment:

“Today, many lost their jobs through the fault of the state; and they are no the notorious 0.2%, registered by employment centres: there’s no sense to get registered there, since unemployment allowance is 50 roubles per month! The proclaimed pension increase is just a mockery: they added 0.5 roubles a day, Mr Kalyakin concluded with indignation.

The rally adopted a resolution on “Social and Labour Rights”, stressing the need to “take a new economic course aimed at creating new, efficient jobs, and raising citizens’ living standards” and demanded to abolish the Govt’s Resolution No. 744, which unreasonably freezes any salary growth.

Apart from cancellation of Ordinances Nos. 29, 5 and 1, the rally demanded to exclude any restrictions on strikes from the Labour Code and fix the unemployment allowance at least at the minimum consumer budget.

The rally also demanded to suspend Decree No. 317 “On Improving the Pension System” and start drafting the pension reform. Labour pensions must be fixed at no less than 40% of the employee’s salary prior to retirement, and for hazardous and harmful working conditions – at 60-70%. The share of utility bills in family budgets should go down from the current 22% to 10%.

The rally also adopted the final resolution “On Independent Trade Unions’ Rights“, which demanded to stop discriminating, persecuting and repressing independent trade unions, their leaders and members; start unconditionally implementing the ILO recommendations on eliminating violations of independent trade unions’ and their members’ rights; bring the Law “On Mass Actions” into compliance with ILO’s Convention No. 87, so that workers’ organizations could freely carry out their activities; amend Ordinance No. 5 on the use of foreign gratuitous aid, so that independent trade unions could efficiently conduct their activities, as well as use solidarity help provided by international workers’ organizations; and stop criminal prosecution of REP leaders Gennady Fedynich and Igor Komlik.