"My boss and I didn't like it!" the way state trade unions "protect" their members

by praca
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Alexei Evgenov, the REP leader in Mogilev, was approached by workers of the “Niva-Agro” farm, who told a story of their attempt to seek help in their “official” branch trade union.

Cattle breeders from “Niva-Agro”, located in the Klimovichi District, found that they were illegally deprived of their due bonuses and insulted; the District Prosecutor’s Office advised them on an absolutely correct, from the legislation viewpoint, action algorithm: to apply to the labour dispute commission at the farm. The did so; besides, learning that their agro-industrial trade union (an FPB member) was providing free consultations, they came to consult Alexei Rymsha, a lawyer. He did nothing, and when agrarians continued struggling for their rights, he expressed his displeasure; then, they began receiving threats, reprimands and very quickly were fired.

Only after they called to the hotline of the “Belaruski Chas” newspaper, a correspondent came very quickly. Bosses were alarmed, and Rymsha came in a couple of days. Right from the doorstep he told us: “Couldn’t you wait for my arrival? My boss and I didn’t like it!”

“And how long should we wait?” the workers replied. “They withheld money from our wages; and for every trifle we have to write explanations.”

Cattle breeders had applied to this trade union lawyer before: in October 2016, when their wages were halved, and later – about the unfair working schedule, but no help, nobody cares about people.