Grigory Grik: Police protracted for almost a week with the contract; and it caused ban of picket

by praca
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Grigory Grik, an activist of the REP Trade Union from Baranovichi, spent just an hour to sign the required contracts for holding a picket with the housing and municipal service and the hospital; however, he had to walk for almost a week to the militia station for the same purpose. As a result, the authorities banned the event planned by the activists.

“We wanted to hold a picket on October 7 – the Day for Decent Work and Fair Wages. On this day all over the world workers and trade unions organize their actions and events. We wanted to express out protest against rising prices for goods and services and against people’s impoverishment. However, I got convinced once again convinced that the authorities are deliberately prohibiting actions in order not to let workers to announce their demands,” the trade union activist told the correspondent.

Grigory Grik believes that the reason for the ban of the picket was in the red tape exhibited by the police officer Major Pavel Kulgavik.

“As you know, together with an application on a picket, I must present to the city executive committee the contracts concluded with the above housing and municipal service, the first-aid hospital and militia. The first two documents I signed up in an hour. As to the militia, I had to go there more than once or twice. I called there several times by phone – no result. When I came there, the above Major Kulgavik refused to sign the contract, saying that he has 10 days for that. I lost a lot of time on the red tape with the militia; and I think that this was the reason for the ban of the picket,” said Grigory Grik.