Gennady Fedynich: Ministry of Labour violates the Constitution

by praca
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The Chairman of REP Trade Union Gennady Fedynich believes that the initiative of the Ministry of Labour to tax non-working citizens is a violation of the Constitution, in particular, of the human right to a decent job.

“How are the bureaucrats going to define the non-working citizens? Those who get registered by the employment service? But most non-workers don’t go there? And if a person works not in Belarus? He or she is working, and the Constitution doesn’t prohibit choosing one’s place of work,” said the union leader.

According to his story, the initiative of the Ministry of Labour is also bewildering in the context of the size of the unemployment allowance:

“All these plans of the government don’t fit into the concept of socially responsible state, which our government officials like to advocate at every occasion, and mostly their boss – the president. Replenishing the budget at the expense of the unemployed, whose allowance is today 13-14 US dollars per month – how could one even think of it?”

Gennady Fedynich believes that in case the govt’s initiative is enforced, those subject to pay the new tax should appeal to the courts and the Constitutional Court.

Let us remind you that it was the Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovich who stated the expediency of introducing a tax on non-working back in summer this year. He then noted that about 445,000 of Belarusian citizens of capable age do not work anywhere; and therefore, they do not contribute to the national economy. He suggested introducing a tax on non-workers as a remedy.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare has approved the idea. This was announced on September 30, during an online conference, by Pyotr Grushnik, the First Deputy Minister. He said that “at present, the government is considering a compensation mechanism of compensating by the non-working capable population of a part of state expenses on providing them and their families with the social services, subsidized by the state.”

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