Company recognizes its workers’ traumas received in road accident as industrial and pays compensations

by ganna
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On September 15, 2018, eight workers of the Mozyr Branch of the “Belsantekhmontazh Trust No. 1” got into a road accident on the Minsk-Gomel Highway, when they were returning from a business trip: their Nissan minivan crashed into a Gazel-32213 minibus; both vehicles slid into a roadside ditch and turned over. The Nissan driver and a 38-year-old passenger died; the Gazel driver and seven passengers were injured and hospitalized.

On October 11, the Board of Directors of the “Belsantekhmontazh Trust” decided to treat the accident as an industrial trauma (although initially they treated it as a home accident) and pay monetary compensations to the victims and casualties’ families. According to the order of V. Zotov, Director General of the Trust, the families of the perished Vitaly Shevko and Alexander Zemetsky, and the seriously wounded Mikhail Bykhon will receive BYN 5000 each, the remaining six victims will receive BYN 1000 each.

It was a terrible tragedy; and it’s impossible to revive the dead. But, we must pay tribute to the top managers of the ‘Belsantekhmontazh Trust’; they did everything possible to ensure that the victims’ families (especially children) are not left alone with their disaster. No one is immune from failures and accidents, but this example shows that even in a difficult economic situation, the company looks decent. This can serve an example for other enterprises, which should put the respective provisions into their collective agreements (on rendering the casualties’ children in addition to insurance state payments, with additional financial support until their maturity),” said Gennady Fedynich, the leader of the REP Trade Union.